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Who us

Who are we?

We are specialized in providing brokerage services in the field of securities while facilitating logistical support for investors.


We work to develop the field of trading and established the idea of investing in the global markets in the simplest way and the highest international standards and quality in proportion to the potential of investors


Investors trade with
maximum awareness and knowledge of the global market and to develop trading
skills aligning with the requirements of the financial market


We at GFX Securities are proud of our well-established Islamic values, so we are keen to provide Sharia-compliant accounts with transparent commissions

Why is it The preferred broken of Arab traders?

The preferred broken of Arab traders

We believe that any broker can reach the summit, but what distinguishes us is that we continuously work towards maintaining our success via providing top quality services in the simplest method.


Trading on our platform allows you to contact all global markets and trade 24 hours 5 days a week with ease and from anywhere.


Because we value your time, we always strive at gfx securities to provide the best, fastest and least expensive way of depositing and withdrawing funds.


GFX is proud to have clients from all over the world who have gathered only to challenge markets and seize opportunities

Fast technical support

We at GFX provide technical support 24 hours, 5 days a week through multiple channels of communication.

Our commitment to legal responsibility, community service and cleanliness of the invested funds, we have taken several security measures in GFX to protect against money laundering
Information Security
Information and data security is an important part of the company's responsibilities, so we are always keen to develop the protection of the systems used, encrypt data, and take strict measures with employees to protect the privacy of the client.

Anti-money laundering

According to the commitment and the safety of funds and anti-money laundering community service, we have taken a number of measures that contribute to the fight against money laundering

Verification of legal documents

At GFX, we are always keen to verify all documents submitted by the clients. Documents are recorded at our database and are always up to date.

Ascertaining the sources of funds

Verifying the source of funds Verifying the client’s source of fund is the most vital practice we at GFX take pride in continuously conducting.

Checking the bank account

In the event that a client fails to provide required documents or provide tampered and false documents which includes evidence of source of fund, we will have to contact authorities to take the necessary action.

Checking on famous personalities

Public or well-known personals We at GFX, pay more attention on verifying documents and source of funds regarding public, well-known or famous personals. The procedure that we follow is abiding rules and regulations of the Central Bank of Bahrain.

Report any suspicious transactions

In the event that a client fails to provide required documents or provide tampered and false documents which includes evidence of source of fund, we will have to contact authorities to take the necessary action.

Team Work

Abdulraoof Abdullah

Executive Director and Responsible for Accounts and Customer Relations and founder of the Training and Development Department in Gfx, 10 years experience in the field of technical analysis holder of cfte second level certification from the United States, joined the work team in February 2020

Ali Al Hleewa

The Founder, Chairman and CEO of GFX Securities Holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the British University in Bahrain, in addition to obtaining a license from the Dubai Securities Commission

علي حاتم

Director general

Sidra Mansha

The director of risk and technical department in the company responsible for preparing, developing and following up the information systems in the company and responsible for following up the technical services tool. She holds a bachelor’s degree in programming and information systems from Pakistan. She joined the GFX Securities team in May 2019

Mohammed Ryad

Marketing Director responsible for creating, editing, publishing and following up on advertising and media materials for GFX Securities. He joined the GFX Securities team in January 2020. He holds a BA in Marketing and Mass Communication from the University of Bahrain

Christina Mandoza

The Human Resources Director responsible for presenting the company’s annual reports and assessing employee performance. She joined the GFX Securities team in April 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Secretarial from the Philippines. I worked with the CEO for more than 7 years


Do You Aspire To Be A Member Of Our Team

One of the most important reasons for success at GFX is the suitability of the work environment with the employees, where we work as a family and strive to develop the employee’s capabilities to overcome all difficulties and work pressures

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Risk Warning: Leveraged products carry a high degree of risk. Losses may exceed your financial deposits. These products are not suitable for everyone, make sure you understand all the risks and seek independent advice if necessary. 

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